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What is "The Beautiful Building Experience"?

 You’ve heard the stories about unethical or careless contractors. So have we… so we created a process to provide our clients with a Beautiful Building Experience! We make building your new home an enjoyable experience. We put the fun, excitement, anticipation, and joy back into the new home process. Those are the feelings you should be experiencing - not fear, dread, and anxiety! Our process allows us to discover the things that will make your dream home unique and special. We can offer suggestions and options that will help you maximize your comfort and enjoyment as well as identify and eliminate the things that aren’t important to you. We work hard to anticipate and deal with potential problems before they become real problems. We put the fun and excitement back into building a new home.

We know that you don't build new homes everyday.  Why should you be expected to know the process step-by-step? We take the time to show you exactly what to expect and when to expect it so there are no surprises or unexpected hassles. You will know exactly what you're getting for your money before you ever sign a contract – right down to the color of the hinges on the doors and the number of phone and TV jacks.

We are the professionals. We know the things that are important to you.

  • We always answer our phone or return your calls promptly.
  • We show up for appointments on time or call to let you know why we’re not there yet.
  • Someone from our crew will be on your jobsite everyday or you will be notified otherwise.
  • We don’t take shortcuts. We do things professionally or not at all.
  • We complete our jobs in an organized, timely manner.
  • We don’t waste a penny of our client’s money.
  • We never make changes that will increase the cost to our clients without their written approval.
  • We will never tolerate rudeness, disrespect, wastefulness, or drug or alcohol use on our jobsites at any time.
  • We have one of the best customer service programs in the entire industry.

We have worked hard to make our website very user-friendly, especially for our out-of-town clients. We post progress pictures weekly of each project for our clients and their friends and family to view. We do lots of business via the web and email and are uniquely set up to handle almost anything that might come up in the construction process without causing our clients to make unscheduled trips to the jobsite.

We have designed a very thorough project specification packet that documents virtually every product chosen to go into your new home.

Our Pre-Construction Cost Analysis lets you see the cost of each separate category along with allowance amounts for items not specifically chosen or things that are yet undetermined such as depth of wells, etc.

Our construction schedule is locally famous, as is our uncanny ability to stick to it.

We provide all the construction documents that your finance company will require along with a written payment schedule and payment terms, even the dates the scheduled payments will be due.

We provide you with a list of deadline dates by which various products must be chosen. Even if those products have already been selected, this allows you time to change your mind if you happen to see something that you would like to incorporate into your new home. It also helps eliminate rushed or hurried decisions which result in stress and confusion.

We have a very clear Change Order procedure that informs you of any additional cost or savings when you request a change from the original proposal. This keeps you abreast of current actual cost of your new home and eliminates any surprise bills at the end of the job.

We have an accounting summary that gets updated every time money changes hands so you will always know exactly what has been paid for and what is still outstanding.

We provide documented detail sheets to every supplier and trade contractor that we have chosen to work on your new home. This document confirms the dates they need to be on the job and exactly what products they are supposed to provide for this particular job. This is crucial because every trade contractor owns his/her own business and works for numerous builders. We don’t want them to forget what products we asked them to provide and install in your unique home.

We verify that every trade contractor involved in your project has the required insurance policies in effect as well as Workers Comp insurance (or a valid exemption) and is registered with the State of Montana.

We provide you with a one-of-a-kind Home Owners Manual at the end of the job that includes a list of all the products used in your new home. Things like paint and stain colors, where the paints and stains were purchased, the name and source of the tile and flooring materials, the countertop colors, the faucet brand and model numbers, the type of trim used in the home, the brand and source of windows, doors, appliances, the fireplace, the furnace and air conditioning, the shingles on the roof and the siding on the walls, the name of the sheetrock texture, the species of wood in the cabinets and the name and source of the hardware on the doors. The Home Owners Manual also contains a drawing of all underground lines and our exclusive “X-ray Pictures” that show you what is behind every wall in your home, all the wiring and plumbing locations, as well as the hidden ductwork. We provide a CD loaded with progress pictures taken all during the construction of your home. This manual is a wealth of information that will be invaluable to you as well as any future owners of this home.

Let us build your new home. You will be thrilled at how beautifully simple the process can become when your builder has your best interests at heart.  We build beautiful buildings but we specialize in the "Beautiful Building Experience".

Contact Big Sky Builders. We will show you how you too, can have a “Beautiful Building Experience”.  You’ll be so thrilled that you’ll want to share it with all your friends!